It’s coming quickly and I can feel it!  In just a little less than a month from now, I will be looking at the following scene at 8 a.m. on Saturday, September 8:

The view from the start of the White Lake International Triathlon.

That’s the start of the White Lake International (Olympic) Triathlon (1,500m swim, 45k bike, 10k run).  This is the race I’ve been preparing for this year and I’m ready.  I’m in the final weeks of my training plan and will begin the taper process very soon to give my body rest so I’ll be as close to peak as possible for race day.  I’ve worked a lot on the swim this year as open water swimming is quite a bit more challenging than lap swimming in a pool.  I had a great race in the Mission Man Triathlon last month where I dropped 13 minutes off of last year’s race time, including a full 6 minutes off of last year’s swim time.  I’ve also made good progress on the bike and the run to the point that I feel pretty good in those two disciplines.

I’m sure that when we near the start of the race and I hear the countdown prior to the starter’s horn, I will be a little nervous, but I’m also sure that I’ll quickly transition over into a feeling of confidence and be ready to tackle this course!