Yesterday, Melinda, the kids and I headed into town to take part in the 2014 Wendell Harvest Festival. This was the 87th annual harvest festival in 3 of the Parks kids at the 2014 Wendell Harvest FestivalWendell. We really didn’t have too much of an idea of what to expect. Ever since we moved to Wendell (ok, just outside of Wendell!) this summer, we’ve really grown quite fond of the town. We’ve enjoyed ice cream at the Wendell General Store, purchased a few pieces of refinished furniture from Vintage Dreamzzz, enjoyed a bluegrass pickin’ session at Zepp’s Country Music and pizza from the local pizza shop on Main Street. We’ve heard others talk about the harvest festival and how much fun it was, so we were eager to join in.

I took the oldest 3 kids on Saturday morning to the parade (Melinda stayed home with our youngest for her morning nap). The parade was a blast. We were able to get very close to all the action, the kids got several pieces of candy and we saw lots of cool things such as several restored International Harvester tractors from the local local IH Chapter. Anna’s favorite was the horse. The boys enjoyed the candy. I liked seeing all the old cars/trucks.

Melinda and Katy joined us a little later in the morning and we walked the streets of downtown Wendell to see several of the exhibits and talk with the vendors. We saw the lady that delivers our produce box each week (she not only recognized us, but remembered the kids by name!), Melinda got to talk with a lady that owns/works at the local sewing/quilting shop on main street and the kids each got to participate in one of the games.

We all visited the Wendell history display in the Wendell Woman’s Club building. Even though I’m from Garner, I never really new much about Wendell nor visited Wendell until earlier this year. I was amazed to see the history and development of this little town!

We are definitely planning to return to the Wendell Harvest Festival next year (and every year we’re able to after that)!