The Social Media Bootcamp in St. Louis

It’s a great week to be teaching the Social Media Bootcamp in St. Louis!

My business travels this week have brought me to the “Gateway to the West,” the beautiful city of St. Louis, MO. I’m here teaching the next installment of the social media bootcamp for ASPE ROI. I’ve taught this class quite a bit during the past couple of years and it is easily one of my favorites (here’s a video of me explaining what I teach in the class). In the class, I get the opportunity to help business owners, chief marketing officers and marketing managers learn the ropes with social media and get started with using social media in their business. It’s a lot of fun, especially when you see their eyes light up as they get the concepts and see how they can apply them.

About the Social Media Bootcamp

I started teaching soon after I founded Dijital Farm, my digital marketing consulting agency, in 2011. ASPE ROI is based in Cary, NC and is one of the leading providers of marketing training throughout North America. I’m blessed with the opportunity to teach the Social Media Bootcamp, Google Online Marketing Bootcamp, Mastering Google AdWords and Sales Success Using Social Media classes. I really like the structure of the classes because it puts the student in the driver’s seat where they learn how to use the concepts and tools instead of merely relying on someone else to do it for them.

Excitement about the St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals 2013 World Series

A banner for the St. Louis Cardinals at Lambert International Airport

Of course, St. Louis is all abuzz this week as the St.Louis Cardinals open up play against the Boston Red Sox in the 2013 World Series on Wednesday night. Even though the series opens up in Boston, the entire St. Louis region is alive with pride for their beloved Cardinals. One thing I’m very impressed by how passionate the citizens of St. Louis are about their team. I realize everyone likes a winner, but Cardinals fans carry a reputation for loving their team, win or lose. That’s admirable. I’m hoping to head downtown on Wednesday night to catch the game in a local restaurant and be a part of the buzz. And, who knows. Perhaps the Cardinals will win! If they do, it will definitely make for an excited group of participants in the St. Louis Social Media Bootcamp this week!