Today’s Triathlon Photo Friday photo is my Timex Ironman running watch.  If you’re planning to train for or compete in any endurance sports (running, triathlon, swimming, etc.), a watch is a must-have item.  Even though I track a lot of my workouts via an app on my smartphone, my watch is my standby for all my workouts.  I acquired my IM watch last year at the conclusion of the triathlon season.  It replaced an earlier version I used to wear; that watch got damaged when I tried to replace the battery myself (side note: don’t ever do that.  The waterproof seal never goes back on exactly the right way and water will get inside the watch.  Trust me!).  This particular watch includes the ability to track splits, which is great if you’re trying to get specific times in the pool.  It also has up to three alarms on it for keeping track of when you should be getting up on various days for specific workouts!  If you don’t have a running watch and you’re planning to get started in triathlon, I highly recommend the Timex Ironman watch.  Happy Triathlon Photo Friday!