When training for triathlon, it is not uncommon to go on long runs or bike rides (lasting a couple of hours or more sometimes!).  Those rides or runs will likely lead you to encounters with traffic.  Most of the time, drivers are very courteous when they encounter runners and bikers and give us plenty of room.  However, it only takes one time for a driver that isn’t paying attention or gets a little too close to you and you could be struck and seriously injured.  In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 618 cycling deaths and 51,000 cycling injuries in 2010.  So, unfortunately, there is a chance that while you’re out there running or riding down those two-lane “country” roads, you may find yourself in a collision and those that come along to help may not know who you are or who they should contact to let them know what happened to you.

Today’s triathlon Friday photo is of my Road ID bracelet.  This band can be worn on your arm, ankle or even around the seat stem of your bike.  It has your name and key contact information inscribed into the metal portion of the band so that, if you were ever injured someone would be able to identify you and contact loved ones.  (Side note: the story behind the creation of the Road ID bracelet is an interesting one and well worth reading)  I received my Road ID bracelet as a Christmas gift and I take it with me each time I run or ride.  I even take it with me when I travel for work and end up running on a treadmill as it would help in the event of a medical emergency.  And while I haven’t had a crash (yet!) where I’ve needed to use it, I’m glad I have it with me.

If you’re a runner, cyclist or triathlete, I strongly recommend purchasing a RoadID bracelet as it will definitely give piece of mind as you’re training.   Happy triathlon photo Friday!