Today’s triathlon photo Friday post is my road bike (see last week’s triathlon photo friday post here).  The right kind of bike can make all the difference when competing in triathlon and I was very fortunate to have acquired this Specialized bike last August.  After riding a heavy hybrid road bike last year (my first season competing in triathlon), a good friend of mine dipped into his storehouse of cycling frames, components and equipment and built me a “new” bike to use.  The frame is a Specialized from the late 90’s, but it got all new components to make for a great ride!  The photo below is slightly out of date as a few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of clipless pedals and shoes and added them to the bike to make for an even better ride!

Here’s what I like about this bike: it is incredibly light and very comfortable to ride!  When training for and competing in triathlon, you’re going to spend a lot of time on the bike, so you better pick one you like.  While this isn’t a “tri bike,” this one works really well for me and I enjoy riding it on training rides and in competition.

Whether you are running, swimming or riding this weekend, I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy the nice weather (in the 70’s here in NC today!).  And, happy Triathlon Photo Friday!