Today, I’m starting a new feature on this blog.  I’m calling it “Triathlon Photo Friday.”  In triathlon training, it seems as though you are always using some new piece of equipment or a new facility or a new running course.  So, I’d like to show off some of the places I train and the equipment I use.  And that is triathlon photo friday in a nutshell.

Today’s photo is the view of the lap pool I swim in.  Where I live, pool swimming is the main option if you want to swim in the winter.  Of course, this winter has proven to be quite mild, but still not warm enough for swimming outdoors!  The shot below was taken just moments before I entered the water to begin today’s swim workout.  I was fortunate to have the pool mostly to myself today– that’s not always the case.  Nonetheless, the pool I swim in is a fantastic facility and the water is always heated to a comfortable temperature, which makes an early morning swim on cold days a lot more bearable!

Happy Triathlon Photo Friday!

lap pool for triathlon training

The lap pool is calling! Time to swim a few laps!