Today’s Triathlon Photo Friday photo is the pair of cycling shoes I recently acquired.  When I started out in triathlon last year, I was very unfamiliar with the world of cycling.  Sure, I’d ridden a bicycle since I was a kid, but cycling is completely different.  Its like comparing high school to graduate school– many similar characteristics, but worlds apart!  So, as a newbie to triathlon and cycling in 2011, I simply rode my bike wearing my running shoes and using traditional pedals.  That made sense for me– I didn’t want to make an investment in anything more advanced at that time and I wanted to make sure that I was really going to enjoy (read: stick with) triathlon.  Well, a year later, and I’m still going strong!  So, I decided the time was right to purchase my first pair of cycling shoes to go with the clipless pedals that were available for my road bike.

The shoes I purchased are not fancy at all.  I got this pair from the cycling gear Web site  In fact, they are the house brand that is made for They were the right size, got solid reviews as a good first pair of cycling shoes and the price was right!  I purchased a pair of cleats to attach to the bottom so I could lock into the pedals, got them setup and I was on my way!  The first ride I took with the new shoes was an incredible experience.  Clipless pedals allow you to get more power as opposed to traditional pedals because you are both pushing and pulling the crank at all times.  The one word of caution I was given over and again was to make sure that I pulled at least one foot out prior to stopping or I’d fall over and suffer a little ding to my pride!  (I’m proud to say that I haven’t fallen yet!).

So, today’s triathlon photo Friday photo is of my Nashbar Comp II road cycling shoes.  Enjoy the weekend and happy triathlon photo Friday!