This past Monday, I set out on my first week of triathlon training for the 2012 season.  I got started in triathlon last year when I competed in four sprint distance races, the last of which wrapped up in August.  I had a blast training and competing and have been very excited about getting started with 2012.  During the “off season,” I worked on identifying my goals for the year ahead, examined the race calendars to identify which events I wanted to target and spent a good bit of time running to build/keep my stamina.

I also had the opportunity to link up with a professional triathlon coach, David Glover of Endurance Works (full disclaimer: Endurance Works is a client of my company, Dijital Farm).  Before anyone goes off the deep end, I’m not seeking to become a professional triathlete or anything (a simple examination of my race times will confirm that this is not on the horizon for me!).  I simply enjoyed working with David to help him achieve his business goals and we struck up some great conversations about training, goal setting and what I– a relative newcomer to triathlon– could do to get better and have fun competing in triathlon.

I'm ready for the 2012 triathlon training to begin!

So, I’m working with David in two key areas: a training plan he put together for an International (Olympic) distance triathlon and the strengthening my mental game for competing in triathlon.  I’m working through, an online training plan and coaching system that allows me to track my progress and allows David the opportunity to see how my workouts are progressing.

Thus far this week, I’ve spent two sessions in the pool, one on the bike and one on the run.  I got back into the pool about 4 weeks ago to begin the process of building up some endurance, but I haven’t run or ridden much in the past few weeks.  I was able to get clipless pedals for my road bike and I’m hopeful that this will help me improve my speed and times on the bike this year.  The workouts have been challenging, but I’m pleased to say that I’ve been able to hang in there with each of them!

I’m planning to use this blog to write about my training experiences this year as I work towards completing an Olympic distance triathlon.  I’m also planning to write about my experiences in working with a coach and how that (I hope) ultimately helps me get better at approaching this challenging, but rewarding, sport.  So, stay tuned and I hope I’ll be able to offer up some great insights from the world of training in the year ahead!